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THIS IS PROBABLY NOT THE LIBRARY YOU WANT TO BE USING. You probably want RuntimeDetour instead.

Notable APIs

  • MonoMod.Core.DetourFactory.Current
  • MonoMod.Core.ICoreDetour


Use DetourFactory.Current.CreateDetour to create a single detour from one method to another. The detour will be automatically undone when the returnedc object is disposed or garbage collected. Only one such detour may be made per method. If multiple are made, they will not be cleaned up properly. MonoMod.Core does not track which methods have already been detoured, and will not throw.

It is therefore highly recommended to use a higher-level detouring API (like that provided by MonoMod.RuntimeDetour or Harmony) to perform detours. Those higher level APIs also provide solutions to many of the limitations to Core's detour abstraction, such as the ability to call the original, unmodified method, or modify the IL of the method. (See their documentation for how this is actually done.)

Additionally, interfaces in this package may have members added across minor version updates. Other version-based compatability guarantees are retained.

Other potentially useful APIs

The default IDetourFactory utilizes MonoMod.Core.Platforms.PlatformTriple.Current to implement detours. Notably, that factory handles re-creating the underlying ISimpleNativeDetour objects when methods are recompiled by the runtime.

PlatformTriple does provide a few other utilities which may be useful for a higher-level library, however:

  • PlatformTriple.Prepare JIT compiles a method, sully supporting generic instantiations
  • PlatformTriple.GetIdentifiable translates the provided MethodBase into an instance which can be used as, for instance, the key to a ConditionalWeakTable

The other methods of PlatformTriple are means of implementing the detour factory, and likely should not be touched.